How do you Build your own Simulations?

Objects are added to the simulation and then positioned. You can give each object initial physics such as mass or speed by typing commands into the mission control box or by using menus. This is often enough setup to run a simulation. If the investigation is more complicated, then the user can write behaviors for objects. Behaviors make an object's physics or animation dependent on the physics or animation of another object. Students can also create their own custom controls and button for their simulations and save their work online to share with other students at a later time.

Develop Simulations in Minutes!

Cinematic Sciences allows teachers and students to quickly develop their own science simulations. The combination of an online 3D world, a physics engine, and javascript allows the quick creation of highly complex simulations in minutes that would normally take a developer months to build.

What is Cinematic Sciences?

Cinematic Sciences allows students to quickly build 3D science simulations to explore science concepts. Students can access a library of pre-built simulations for state standard concepts or build their own game quality simulation in minutes.

Video of Original CS Project
Unity 5 Version Coming in May 2015!
How do you use the Pre-Built Simulations?

Just Log-in and load a simulation. Each simulation comes with a curriculum for the students to use. Teachers can use the curriculum and/or the simulation. Learn more by going to our demos link above.